SoulPath Music Meditation

with Trina Brunk

 Wednesday, April 10th at 7:00 p.m.

Join your voice with others and journey to the center of your Being with toning, chants and sacred songs of celebration and remembrance. No prior singing experience required; all paths welcome. $15 Love offering requested. No one turned away. What is toning — extending a tone or syllable for the length of an exhale . . . just like in singing but without needing to remember lyrics or hit the “right note”. It can be fun and playful and it can also be used to express feelings that you can’t (or don’t want) to put into words, in a way that allows you to metabolize the emotional energy and bring healing where it’s needed. There has been lot of research showing many mental and physical health benefits of singing … . ~ increases oxygen uptake ~ uplifts mood ~ enhances immunity ~ helps manage pain~ increases mental acuity and ability to learn and retain information ~ actually helps reverse some of the symptoms of dementia ~ and moreToning has all that without the requirement to sound pretty. just pour the way you feel into your tone, and feel the way your voice carries the medicine that you need. When we tone in a group, our voices come together and create something greater than what we can do individually . . . there can be a deepening of a sense of resonance and oneness within the group. Chanting — We instinctively understand the power of chanting —from tribal warriors to sports teams and the military, humans chant to build and focus energy that allow them to move beyond their previously perceived limits, and overcome opponents. but we can also use chanting to re-program our mental patterns in positive directions, and build and focus energy for healing, transformation and the manifestation of our deepest desires for ourselves, and I believe for our families and communities, and the planet as well. In this group we will draw from traditions around the world as well as brand new chants that we make up on the spot

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Contact Us about SoulPath Music Meditation

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